Welcome Note...

Welcome to Trifecta Natural Beauty

I have been putting this program together for my entire life. I say that honestly because all the trauma, celebrations, successes and failures led me to one knowing,

“I am the controller of my destiny. We are an energetic field and all that we put into our moments will determine our next moment.”

When I eat right, when I move my body into exercises that take me out of comfort and when I take the time to reflect, I succeed at whatever it is I set out to succeed at.
Sometimes it’s parenting, sometimes it’s work and other times it’s my own personal growth, whatever it is this journey I am taking is controlled by me. How I react to whatever comes my way will determine my next moments. And if you are in this program, then you believe that too.
For the next 10 weeks/70 days, you will learn the importance of
  • a balanced diet fat/protein/carbs
  • a balanced exercise plan for work/home/anywhere
  • the importance of getting it out of your head and onto paper
  • learning how to meditate for manifesting your desires
  • creating boundaries
  • detoxing with food for better clarity
I look forward to taking this journey with you.

Have the best day ever!